Partner description

AlmaPlasma s.r.l. was founded in 2013 as a spin-off of UNIBO, and deals with developing and engineering processes based on plasma technology (ionized gas) at atmospheric pressure.

The company specializes in designing and developing plasma-assisted sources and processes (generated by feeding energy to gas by electricity) for industrial and biomedical applications. AlmaPlasma also deals with the realization of custom solutions for atmospheric plasma applications to be installed on industrial production lines. Some of the most important applications of these plasmas include surface modification of materials (e.g. polymers in industrial packaging and biomedical applications) to promote adhesion or modify their surface energy, decontamination of solids and liquids, treatment of cells and tissues, synthesis of nanoparticles, and deposition of biocompatible and antibacterial coatings.

Role in the Project

The main role of AlmaPlasma within the project is directly connected with the exploitation task. Exploitation will target the different areas addressed by the specific technology with specific regard to the future impact on the more promising commercial markets; explore dual-use applications; analyse technical, management and business aspects related to the delivery of future commercial products, associated with the scope of PULSE results.

Team Members

FILIPPO CAPELLI got his PhD degree in Mechanics and Advanced Engineering Sciences, with a thesis regarding the design of atmospheric pressure non-equilibrium plasma sources for industrial and biomedical applications. In 2020 He became a research fellow of the Department of Industrial Engineering at the Alma Mater Studiorum-Università di Bologna and an adjunct professor in a master’s course in Energy Engineering. In 2021 he became CEO of AlmaPlasma and he is currently leading the company.

PULSE – Plasma reconfigUrabLe metaSurface tEchnologies

Project number: 101099313 Starting date: 1 March 2023